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Meet The Fleet

Kirk's currently operate 6 trucks in total including tri-axle vacuum, tandem vacuum and water trucks. Each truck can be outfitted with a personnel accommodation trailer to allow our skilled drivers to stay on site for extended periods of time. We take pride in our equipment and our drivers. Each truck is maintained to manufacturer's specifications so full reliability can be maintained while on site. A thorough inspection is completed each spring.

Tri Axle Vacuum Trucks

Our Tri Axle vacuum trucks are built on an International chassis which is chosen because of its dependability. Most trucks feature the Tire Boss system that allows the unit to access locations that may have road ban restrictions. This allows for extended operating conditions throughout the season. The vacuum system is based on the Hibon vacuum pump and again is chosen because of its dependability.

Tandem Axle Vacuum Trucks

Like our Tri Axle units, the chosen truck chassis is an International for its dependability. What really makes our tandem trucks versatile are the optional floater tires that can access remote sites in wet conditions and during road bans. These trucks are also outfitted with the Tire Boss system for additional versatility.

Water Trucks

Kirk's offers both tandem and tri axle water trucks. The tandem trucks can be outfitted with optional floater tires. Each truck can be outfitted with a personnel accommodation trailer.

Well Site Accomodations

Each truck is equipped with a modern well site accommodation trailer. These trailers are used as a remote office and living quarters for our personnel during extended periods on a well site.

Agitator System

Kirk's uses an agitator system that is designed to minimize rig water consumption while still maintaining the capability to draw solids.

Tire Boss System

The Tire Boss system is used to deflate the rear tires to allow access to soft and sensitive land spreading applications.